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The WashingTard Post came out with a big, fancy fake news story trying to explain why Barack Obama and Co. CHOKED vs THE RUSSIANS in 2016

The Post and the rest of the FAKE MEDIA continue to ignore the most massive political collusion in the History of the World — that which occurred and continues to occur between the FAKE MEDIA  (the WashingTard Post and the rest of you know who you are) and the Democratic Party from 2015 to the present day. This collusion is a million times more blatant and powerful than anything going on between Trump and THE RUSSIANS!

AND YET THE MEDIA aka THE COMPLEX STILL LOST!. President Obama was in on the fix. He and virtually his entire administration not only DESPERATELY wanted Hillary Clinton to win, they did EVERYTHING they could to tip the scales in her favor. Make no mistake. Obama was feckless and weak ALL THE TIME, not just when faced with evidence of Russian hacking. The reason Obama DID NOTHING as reported by the Post, when faced with evidence of Putin’s involvement, is because he, like everybody else in the COMPLEX thought there was no way Trump could win, no matter what. Because The Obama/Hillary Complex were so blinded by hubris, corruption, arrogance, hate, stupidity that they could never comprehend the reality of their impending doom. They just couldn’t see it coming, and now, still, they just cannot accept it.

Perpetual Unhingement is the new norm.

Susan Rice Bitches Get Stitches
Susan Rice and Team Obama seethe with rage as Obama gives Trump tour of White House

THE COMPLEX is not just the Fake Media. It’s the Deep State, as well as the standard Government and the corporate Globalists and the rest of the ELITES who thought they could ram Hillary Clinton down America’s throat because it was her turn.

They won’t report their own failure. They are still in denial. They haven’t gotten over it because they haven’t even acknowledged it yet!

TRUMP WON ANYWAY, as predicted with stunning accuracy right here at ETARD MEDIA. It had NOTHING to do with Putin or the Russians. The reason we predicted with absolute certainty that Trump would win, long before anyone talked or even knew about “THE RUSSIANS” is because we knew that Hillary and the Media had already cratered, tanked, imploded, collapsed.

The FAKE MEDIA told us Hillary was the most qualified person to ever seek the presidency. Over and Over and Over they told us. In reality, she was barely more than a political corpse, pumped full with drugs to keep her standing and so cemented in corruption and incompetence that she might as well have been a statue of herself. Hillary Clinton is the most disastrous candidate in Modern history and NEVER had ANY chance to win.

ETARD MEDIA is the only site on the planet who recognized this and clearly laid it out LONG LONG before there was any talk of THE RUSSIANS.

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So now it’s about time, for the Fake Media to award us our Frickin’ Pulitzer? Where is it Bezos?