Why They Hate US etard

A Bernie Bro terrorist just tried to take out the entire GOP baseball team in Alexandria, Virginia. If not for the actions of heroic Capitol Hill Security, this would have been perhaps the worst Political Massacre in American History. I have a prediction: The FAKE MEDIA will be blaming Guns and/or Republicans instead of Radical Lunatic Leftist Liberalism and the FAKE MEDIA enablers who make it all possible.


Let’s take a quick look. In a quaint, bygone era (early 2016), this shooting would be considered shocking, but not during the Great Unhinging, not in the throes of Post Butthurt / Liberals Gone Wild America.

Before 2016, we knew Liberals didn’t like America. We knew they were whiny, bitchy, ungrateful, weak, pathetic effeminate crybaby LOSERS who were going to move to Canada if things didn’t go their way (we are STILL WAITING…)

But everything would be fine as long as LibTards got “first President with a Vagina” off their bucket list.

As we all know, Hillary got Schlonged again and the MOTHER of ALL UNHINGEMENT ensued. It took the election of Donald J. Trump to reveal what was lurking under the floorboards of America. A festering viral incalculable metastasizing radicalized Liberal Uber Hate making them one… WITH THE TERRORISTS

KathyGriffin-Trump Head

Trump Assassination Play

We (real Americans who don’t hate America) already knew 99% of news was FAKE MEDIA and out to get us, but thanks to THE GOLD (Great Ongoing Liberal Derangement) of 2017, we now know that virtually all of our comedians, actors, writers, playwrights and 100% of our Marvel/DC/Star Wars Blockbuster movie makers HATE half of Americans, yet still expect us to buy tickets to their increasingly idiotic overbudget boondoggles and crap.


Who even knew who Joss Whedon or Jud Apatow were until they started crying their eyes out after the election? Who knew a Quarterback making $17 million a year would feel the need take a knee on America while hard working people in the Rust Belt / Heartland would FLIP the ELECTION (ETARD MEDIA KNEW THAT MOTHERFU**ERS!) and change the course of History, just so they could get a president who would work FOR THEM and not Globalists Like George Soros. A president who would STAND FOR AMERICA, instead of TAKING A KNEE like Colin Kaepernick

“WAAAH WAAAAH WAAAAAAH” say Elite Libs, “STFU!!” Say Real Americans

Here’s what the Baseball Shooter had to say on Facebook:

“I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are Truly the Biggest Ass Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office.”

We all know people like this on Facebook.


You probably know a liberal. There might be one living next door. You might even be one. Every Liberal in your Facebook Feed Raging about

reality leigh winner headshot
Reality Leigh Winner

Donald Trump should be considered Armed and Dangerous and a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to AMERICA and ALL of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. Your Quarterback or your

Steve Kerr Angry Liberal
Steve Kerr Angry Liberal

Basketball Coach could very well be an America Hating Liberal with a secret desire to suicide bomb the President. We just never know. At this point, it would be no surprise if David Letterman was caught trying to scale the White House Fence and attempt to behead

Lunatic Letterman
Lunatic Letterman is Very Angry about Trump

Barron Trump. There is literally no bottom, no end to Libtard Hate and Unhingement right now. Do NOT LET LETTERMAN or ANY OTHER BEARDED/ANGRY LIBERAL near the White House! We have NO IDEA what they are capable of. Every Liberal who WHINES about Trump is a Suspect!

And please, don’t come crying after one of your Liberal friends shoot up a church or suicide bomb a cafe and say “oh, he was the nicest person!” If you are a devout liberal, you have probably had those thoughts yourself. You know you’ve dreamed of killing Trump and maybe the entire House GOP with him. Don’t lie.

Earlier this month, now imprisoned Government Libtard Leaker Reality Leigh Winner Tweeted:

Just like any devout Muslim is potential terrorist, so is any Devout Liberal. Liberals are WITH THEM aka the Terrorists.

Unlike Idiotic Incompetent Europe, we have not yet opened the floodgates to Islam, Destroyer of Christian and Non Muslim Civilizations.  Trump is doing his best to see that we don’t have an Army of Young Sexually Frustrated Jihadists Stampeding into the lands of the Crusaders, as is happening in Merkel Run Europistan. But so far, the courts are blocking him.


Communism, no threat. Socialism, well, look at Collapsing Venezuela. Even Liberals understand that Bernie Sanders would have been hammered far worse than Hillary got pummeled. There’s no threat of Socialism taking over America Despite the Lunacy of  Bernie Sanders Loving Terrorists like the Baseball Shooter.

Russia? Laughable Perpetual Conspiracy Hoax perpetrated by The Post Butthurt Fake Media

This is America. The only Liberal nation on the planet that is strong enough to protect it’s weak, pathetic liberal “creative” population. Gays. Queers. Actors. Singers. Pacifists. Witches. Yoga Teachers. Librarians. Professors. Playwrights. Comedians. The only population on the planet with a sizable population of millionaires of West African descent.

Try being gay in Chechnya or Saudi Arabia.
Try being black in AFRICA living on $300/year
Try being a woman or a Fearless Girl in the UK where 12 year olds end up groomed into Muslim Rape Gangs which doesn’t get reported by the PC LibTard Media
Try being African, not getting to grow up in America and risking everything to jump in a rickety over crowded death trap fishing boat just to have a chance to get here.

Why do they hate us? I don’t have time to explain that to you but here’s some clues. Crybaby hate filled Liberal Scientists, Media, Academics, K-12 teachers and Government who don’t understand History or how the World Works. Who don’t understand that America is the greatest place in the world for Black people not in spite of white people, but BECAUSE of white people.

heroic cops David Bailey Krystal Griner
heroic Capitol cops David Bailey and Krystal Griner

Ignorant Haters gonna hate tho, so you better be strapped or have some heroic security like those Capitol Cops because liberals (not all liberals, but the liberal wing of the LibTardoSphere) are merging with THE TERRORISTS and if you don’t know, now you know. If you are a sane, sensible liberal, please try to stay hinged.


  • TBP100

    It’s always projection.

  • Floydfan

    They hate us cuz they ain’t us.

  • GinnyLee

    I would change only one thing… the “GOLD = (Great Ongoing Liberal Derangement)”…
    to “MOLD” [a fungus] = “Malevolent Ongoing Liberal Derangement”.

    The word GOLD is just too shiny and swell to suit the description.