crying dems_etard media

The FAKE MEDIA has been leading Democrats on again, making them think they have a really good chance of winning a special election in Georgia. The fact that the FAKE MEDIA is touting FAKE POLLS that show John Ossoff is ahead is enough information to allow ETARD MEDIA to safely predict:


As Karen Handel takes the Special Election for the House 6th Congressional District on Tuesday, June 20th, 2017.

That’s it. Nothing more to see here. Just because ETARD MEDIA was the only website to predict Trump wire to wire with stunning accuracy, doesn’t mean we are right again, but we probably are. The forecast in Georgia. Heavy Rain. Massive downpours comprised of Dumbocrat tears. Even George Soros and his band of merry Globalists couldn’t come up with enough cash to overthrow the People of Georgia on this one.

Sorry Libtards YOU LOSE AGAIN!


  • mary wise

    oh im so sorry democrats did you lose again>GET USE TO IT .the republicans are in charge now

  • cathy herford

    the american people have the dems number,,they wont ever win another election with the way they hate the american people,,trump 2020

  • Bill Mayberry

    Handel wins by a margin “surprising” the polls. Again.
    The heavy rain is the classic edge to the GOP. Polls cannot analyze all of those people who do not answer a land line. How many people even have a land line any more. And who answers an unidentified phone call?


    The hate the DEM’s have brought on is COSTING them . This country in in the SHITTER with how much hate is toward the President .I’m almost SAD to say I am an AMERICAN….WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!

  • Paul Hayward

    And so weeks of Media Posturing (…the GOP could be in trouble
    now!….) come to NAUGHT…. but the message of “the GOP being in
    trouble” survives… having been PLASTERED on all stories and events
    ever since the change of Administrations… Are you beginning to see a
    pattern?? HA!

  • Kim Vincent

    Soros mistake… Never underestimate the power of the people.. Empires rise and fall and within all those came revolution to once again rebuild and Empire..

  • David Johnson

    Hahaha…….the more they cry the more I laugh. lmao