Star Wars Rogue One Tanking vs Force Awakens

star wars rogue one tanking vs force awakens2According to the rigged, fawning social justice loving mainstream media, the recent Star Wars prequel Rogue One is doing INCREDIBLE. Oh, except for the fact that the domestic box office take is down over 45% compared to 2015’s “Force Awakens”.

Domestic Box Office opening weekend

Force Awakens:     $248 million
Rogue One:             $155 million


Maybe it wasn’t the #DumpStarWars movement after all? Maybe the severely depressed opening has something to do with the fact that Star Wars fans are coming to grips with the reality that far left Disney writers/producers are more  focused on Trump Voter Hating and pleasing lunatic Social Justice Warriors, and less focused on great movie making?

weitz deleted tweet targeting Trump Voters

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