Sorry Fake News Industry, TOTALLY NOT RACIST Donald Trump is the Smartest, Healthiest President Of All Time- and SO SO Unbelievably Not Racist, Believe Me

President Trump is so clearly incredibly healthy, smart, and so so so unbelievably NOT racist that the FAKE MEDIA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX which face planted continuously during the runup to the 2016 election just can’t handle it anymore.

The Fake Media is going to need to be checked for mental sanity. They may need to be forcefully removed from their offices and placed in internment camps in a massive, secretive  LOONEY FARM for Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers in southeastern Utah

The FAKE MEDIA does not seem to understand that people are not idiots and remember the billion or so times they have been wrong about Trump with their Trump Hating Anti American, Anti Western Civilization Anti Christian news coverage.

Face it Fake Media. The only option for you now is the LOONEY FARM.


  • Carl in SC

    I am so sick and tired of leftist Democrats, including Behar, Hillary, Dick Durbin and others who have a 24/7/365 outlet on the Socialist/communist/Nazi mainstream media, all their outlets that cannot seem satisfied with the amount of lies and hatred they spew about Trump. They seem so angry that Trump got a clean bill of health from the doctor and perhaps those Democrats are hoping and offering sacrifices to their false god that Trump will soon die. While the Democrats have lied in the past about Goldwater and convinced the voters that he was going to get our children blown up with bombs, or about Ronald Reagan later, this is the worst I have seen. Such hatred and anger as I’ve never seen in my 75 years.

    • David Spillman

      Are you kidding me, shithead? “Socialist/communist/Nazi mainstream media?” Some of those words are not like the others. Get a fucking dictionary and decide what you really want to say!
      It doesn’t bother me that Trump is healthy. It bothers me that he’s the same total jerk he’s been all his life. Trump is all about Trump. His policies and his contempt for democracy are killing our country.