sean spicer dancing with the stars
LEAKED: Sean Spicer to Guest Star on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars!?

This. Cannot. Be. Happening! No, but seriously, this is real! Sean Spicer is a man of many talents…Apparently!

We are not sure if the pics obtained by a Scottish Tabloid are from a rehearsal, or actual footage of the taped guest appearance….But one thing is clear:

45 yo Sean Spicer is rocking a body much hotter than a White House Press Secretary should be able to have. Josh Earnest, eat your heart out! Va Va Voom! Who knew chewing gum could burn so many calories?

peta murgatroyd opp sean spicer on DWTS?
She Got Legs: Peta Murgatroyd

It’s no secret that Donald Trump revels in pitting his cast against one another to create infighting and drama, believing competition, even cattiness can lead to bigger, better ratings and overall performance for the reality based series known as the Trump Administration. Trump demands that his MEN dress like MEN and his WOMEN dress like WOMEN. Oh, and one more thing he demands. SHOWMANSHIP!

Donald Trump grew up in New York and showmanship was something he picked up as a young kid hustling on the streets in Queens. The bigger the show you put on, the more you could sell.

sean-spicer-90s-dance-crew-connecticut-college 2 Funk Crew

sean-spicer early-90s-dance-crew-2 Funk Crew

To Donald Trump, Selling and Showing Off are the same thing and it has got him where he is today. If he can make theater out of something, he will, whether it is Obamacare replacement, threatening to bomb Kim Jong Un’s family, or gleefully axing coal regulations. Which is why this latest move(s) by his press secretary should surprise absolutely no one!

Spicer initially declined the invitation, but when Trump found out about it he not only pushed Spicer to do it, he ORDERED him to appear. Spicer secretly trained for six weeks with Partner Peta Murgatroyd appearing 6 times in the White House visitors log. All of this was cleared by the Big Boss, who believes that any publicity is good publicity. Trump is reportedly thrilled with Spicer’s work and believes his dancing can help humanize The Trump administration and send ratings skyrocketing.

ABC is playing it tight to the vest and is not confirming which episode will include the Spicer/Murgatroyd number, but word is that producers on the set were stunned by the sexual chemistry between the quick tempered spokesmen and the smoking hot dancer. Spicer got a little too handsy, but to the leggy Murgatroyd, it’s all part of the job: “Sean was crazy!! But I’m not a snowflake. If I didn’t like it, I would have complained!”


It is well known that Sean Spicer was part of an intramural hip hop  dance crew in the early 90s @ Connecticut College, where he could be seen busting a move with his posse The 2 Funk Crew. Spicer’s college dance career was short lived, but he never forgot his roots in 2FC. Two of his dance mates ended up becoming backup dancers for Madonna!

When ABC found out about Spicer’s past, they pounced. This rest is History. Whether it helps turn around Donald Trump’s ratings, remains to be seen? Reporting Live, on 4/1/17, Money Mike.


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