“Hey Hillary, let’s use Gmail to spew our hatred of Donald Trump and poor white voters. That should be secure, right? Globalist Elites like us need a secure means to express freely our utter contempt for the common man. Can you pass me the caviar?”


“That sounds like a great idea Colin. So you think Donald Trump is an ‘INTERNATIONAL PARIAH‘ and a ‘NATIONAL DISGRACE?’ I like the sound of that! Can I use it on the campaign trail once I get out of being bedridden? Let’s keep this just between us. I have my secure server in the washroom,


The preceding is etard media’s imaginary projection of a possible conversation between the USA’s most recently retired Secretaries of State aka STUPID.

A quick look at Colin Powells hacked emails show he is just as out of touch, just as racist toward poor whites and just as stupid and clueless as the rest of the Media/Complex/Globalist Elites


“is a national disgrace and an international pariah,”

“is in the process of destroying himself, no need for Dems to attack him”

“He appeals to the worst angels of the GOP nature and poor white folks,”

God forbid that POOR WHITE FOLKS feelings are taken into account in an election! Did you catch that racism/hatism there? DUMBOCRATS and RINOS like Powell are too stupid to understand that their bitter hatred toward poor white people is perhaps the most overt and rampant form of racism in America today.

Elites like Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton and Fareed Zakaria are so busy shooting arrows at angels, they have no idea that they themselves, have become the devil

Furthermore, these Secretaries of Stupid Clinton and Powell are too STUPID to understand that their overt hatred of poor white people is the reason they are going to get their asses handed to them on November 7th.

The contempt of the elites for the common man has never been higher. November 7th, 2016, the ELITES will get a bitter taste of Disgrace as they are banished into PariahLand!

Not only are you a RACIST, Powell, but now you’re a confirmed Dumbocrat, so join Romney, the Bushes and the Rest of the Retard RINOS on the Hillary emblazoned Blue Bench and quit pretending you are a Republican. Hillary is your Ship and she’s taking all of you and your pathetic careers down faster than the Titanic.

Enjoy the ride, suckers!

PS, Colin Powell, you just got caught calling the future president of the United States an “International Pariah”. Well Colon, now you’re an International Dumbass!

This is ETARD’s world and the rest of the media is just livin’ in it!


  • TheRealGeorgeZimmerman

    “Bush Administration” loses 22 MILLION of it’s OWN emails, yet the
    right-wing neoconservatives want you to be MORE worried about Hillary
    using a private email server…. Go figure???

    • Dale Patterson

      Dude, you’ve been wrong about everything else, why stop now…

    • Tommy Baker

      A private email server that everyone and their mother hacked gaining top secret/classified information. Hell, there were dozens of lawyers and the server administrator had access too and by federal law they had no Security clearance.

      Thousands of emails were destroyed after they were subpoenaed.

      The emails were supposed to be turned over to the state department once she left office.

      She Lied to Congress and the American people about the emails.

      So yea, we’re worried about that Snake having a private server in her basement.

  • Patrick Williams

    Why didn’t he just say it? “Poor White Trash” is what the racist message is here.

  • Gerald Buckley

    What a duet ! They are two Liberal elitist snobs of the first stripe. Sad.

  • Cindy Finke

    I love that you republicans always get the date to vote wrong. Go ahead vote on November 7th and November 28th.