I know Trumpworld, BELIEVE ME. Trump voters will put up with delays on the Wall,  The Repeal, Tax Reform. They will even tolerate “Democrats” Jared, Ivanka and Cohn. But a TEAM SOROS SWAMP RINO?

F*CK No! These are the Last Days of HR McMaster.

Just because I am the only pundit who predicted Trump wire to wire with stunning accuracy, doesn’t mean I’m right again, but you really wanna bet against me when I say he won’t last the summer in DC?

RINO republicans are even dumber and more dangerous than radical libtards like Mad Maxine Waters. McCain. Kristol. McMaster. Flake, among so many other names… These Super Rinos cannot hide their horns. The most popular word on their passports is DAVOS. They like to eat Gold Plated Steak while they export jobs and import Islam. They are the enemies within the gates.

Real American Trump voters will not sit by idly by as HR McMasterStuff  fires Pro Trump Jews and sinks his voracious Soros tipped Vampire fangs into our America First Agenda. We will not let him Run Wild like a RINO in the Trump Tower gift shop. This guy, McMaster is as dirty as a pig in a shityard and no doubt making wild, passionate love to Obama is up there on his Bucket List.  Then he basically pardons Susan Rice, a real, ACTUAL WITCH WHO SHOULD BE HUNTED while Trump gets slammed with the biggest #FAKENEWS WitchHunt in history.

That’s why we had the election. To get rid of  the Libtards and the RINOS. To take out the Trash who hates and UNDERMINES America.

Post Election Liberal BItchery As Trump Visits White House for First Time
Post Election Liberal Unhingement As Trump Visits White House for First Time

This will not. This can not stand. The NSC reign of McMaster is coming to a quick and glorious “You’re Fired” end.

Hey HR McMaster! On behalf of all of Trumpworld, you and I are most definitely not Cool for the Summer. You won’t last it.