Last night’s debate was not just the end of Hillary Clinton’s political career.

IT WAS THE END OF THE ENTIRE CLINTON EMPIRE which collapsed upon itself like a red dwarf in a death spiral being sucked into the deepest darkest black hole in the Universe.

That’s where the BOZOs in Hillary Clinton’s command and control decided to take this race. Deep, deep way down into the blackest corner of the political gutter, tripling down on sexual/victim politics. Yeah….might wanna rethink that… What is this, Amateur hour at the Appollo?

The media narrative leading up to the town hall debate in St. Louis was that Trump was a toxic pariah in free fall and Hillary was going for “the knockout”

but daggone it, she got flipped, arm barred and choked out in a stunning reversal!

But it’s only stunning to those in massive denial, those being the The Complex of Republicans and Democrats and Media Elites who have demonized Donald Trump for almost two years running and done everything humanly possible to stop him, all to strikingly zero avail. Every time Trump is attacked, he flips the script and comes out stronger than ever!

etard media's retards on parade
etard media’s retards on parade

As for HRC once again, she  exhibited HBJ (Historically Bad Judgement)

and here was an Insta Classic in Historically Bad Judgement.  A stunning example of SuperRetarded reconnaissance.It was as if Napoleon came back from the grave to advise her: knowing full well that her army was weakest in the winter, and weakest fighting in swamps,  Together Napoleon and Hillary game planned an all out assault on the Trumpian Brigades, in the throes of winter, in a putrid freezing swamp named:

St. WaterLoo-uis, MO


You have a husband who is the worst SEXUAL PREDATOR in presidential history

and you are his RAPE ENABLING attack dog wife, and the very worst LIAR ever to run for the presidency. So you use your Historically BJ to attack Donald J. Trump over, you guessed it
bill-and-hillary-clinton-historys-finest-liar and sexual predator



There’s only one way this can end.



ALL CLINTON FLANKS ARE NOW WIDE OPEN WITH BLEEDING, FESTERING WOUNDS saying “come and finish me Donald!”. Hillary can barely stand up long enough to finish a debate and she does this? It can only be a cry for help! Or a CRY OF INCOMPETENCE. Either way, this was bad. Believe me. Bigly Bad.

By doing this, she has brought BILL CLINTON to the forefront (along with all the ACTUAL VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT THAT HE ASSAULTED.  So what does Trump do? He pulls one of the ballsiest moves in the History of Debate by hosting a pre-debate press conference featuring a dream team lineup of ACTUAL SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS, not hypothetical victims of Trump’s “locker room” quips, which (sorry feminists) virtual ALL men engage in at some time or other in their lives, unless they are not actual men, say, like Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham and other

pathetic feckless bitch ass RINO bedwetters that the AMERICAN WING OF AMERICA IS SO FUCKING TIRED OF

THE PERMA-KNEEDPAD clad WEAKNESS WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY led by Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham. The good news is that they are irrelevant because it is Donald Trump’s Party and Donald Trumps AMERICA NOW!

Last night Donald Trump did what Donald Trump does and Donald Trump was who Donald Trump is:

He was a pimp. He was a Goddamned Streetfighter and Hillary Clinton showed up without so much as a Nerf Gun, and SHE GOT ANNIHILATED.  She was literally Donald Trumps punching bag all night, beaten to a bloody pulp, with her own words, deeds, failures and transgressions, with Trump cutting to cleanly to the quick with this quip:


after Hillary questioned what would happen if a man with Trump’s temperament was the president.

It was a Clintonian Disaster and Hillary better start getting fitted for Orange Pant Suits now…

DISASTER is the word that Donald Trump uses over and over to describe just about every major decision Hillary Clinton makes, and last night, it all came together. It all stuck.

  • decision making
  • judgement
  • Mountains of lies to cover up for mountains of previous lies
  • Scandals to last a hundred years
  • worst trade deals in history
  • worst foreign policy  of all time (Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc…)

The theme that Hillary is nothing short of the Queen of Disaster became apparent last night

For all the fact checking Hillary espouses, she might want to stop and consider how she and her espouse Bill are the presidential GOLD STANDARD of LYING AND SEXUAL PREDATION. THERE IS NOBODY CLOSE, not now or AT ANY TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY..

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton was savagely victimized last night by Donald J. Trump. She was literally torn apart and exposed as the biggest liar and fraud in presidential campaign history in front of one of the biggest audiences in human history and the hopeless hapless hacks at the Clinton News Network (CNN) marched out 6 or seven liberals immediately after the debate who could not comprehend what they had just witnessed.

SuperShill Van Jones summed up the Retardgument based madness and one legged stool  upon which the Entire Media Industrial Complex has been unsteadily balanced upon for two years. Trump “won” but he actually “lost” because he can stay in the race now and implode


The seed for this epic takedown/knockout of Hillary Clinton were planted immediately after the first debate.


Trump counterpunched his way to a win as reported by ETARD MEDIA, even as he was battling not only Hillary Clinton but lamestream attack dog Lester Holt. The Clinton News Network and the rest of the  dopes in the establishment/complex saw Clinton as the Round One winner, giving her the requisite false bravado going into round two in St Louis.

There comes a time when clinton friendly, clinton cock sucking media is not enough anymore, because the MEDIA HAS CHANGED. It has gotten bigger and MORE DIVERSE (OUCH!) and Trump and his followers have figured out to BYPASS THE GATEKEEPERS at CNN/NYTIMES/ABC NEWS etc…

What happened last night was a far more devastating loss than anyone in the delusional media realizes and it effectively ENDS HILLARY CLINTON’S QUEST FOR THE PRESIDENCY, as well as her entire political career

That’s right folks, we’re calling it.


Hillary Clinton, for all intents and purposes is a disabled vessel taking on water and sinking fast. This is the most dramatic turnaround in the history of presidential politics. Donald Trump is supposedly out on his feet with mass defections, Paul Ryan whining like a little bitch, and the entire Trump Gang Raping Media salivating over his inevitable demise because of flip “locker room” comments he made way back in 2005.

And yet Donald Trump stands up there, utterly unfazed and precedes to practically decapitate Hillary Clinton in a debate so one sided that if it was a fight, they would have stopped it.

In round 2, it was Martha Raddatz who played the Lester Holt attack dog role, aggressively cutting off Trump and making demands from him when he was trying to finish a sentence.

Anderson Cooper is one of the few in the hopelessly slanted liberal wing of the liberal media who actually listens to the critics and he tried to play it straight and narrow, even though its quite obvious he cheers for the:

ELITES & VICTIMS (clinton’s base) vs the WINNERS & WORKERS (trump’s base)

And that is really what this election has come to represent writ large

Are you a Washington insider or a media elite? Are you a “victim” bitching and moaning about how America has done you wrong? Clinton’s your girl.

Are you a WINNER or a WORKER who understands that you get to live in the most amazing and successful nation the world has ever seen, where anything is possible and anyone can rise to the stratosphere, or fall into the gutter like Hillary Clinton, on their own merits. TRUMP IS YOUR GUY!

ONCE AGAIN, I’M calling this Election for Trump, because of the demographics of America do not favor the LOSERS right now.

There simply are not enough
RINOS like the Bush Family and Paul Ryan to get Hillary Clinton over the finish line. Besides, losers don’t like to get out of bed to vote for other whiners.

There simply are not enough pathetic whiners to counteract the vast groundswell of Americans who are fed the fuck up with The Bush/Clinton Dynasty of SHIT SANDWICHES, LIES, OPEN BORDERS and CONTEMPT FOR THE HARD WORKING PEOPLE OF AMERICA WHO WANT TO WIN AGAIN!


GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD RIDDANCE. THIS SIGNIFIES THE FINAL ACT OF YOUR DYNASTIES. THIS IS YOUR SURRENDER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. IF YOU ARE GOOD, WE WILL NOT BEHEAD YOU, but as for Hillary, we reiterate, start checking out some designer Orange Jump Suits, and don’t worry, your Girlfriend Huma can room with you IN PRISON




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