QB kaepernick converts to islam etardmedia

WHAT DO YOU WANT, AMERICA? aka, the people?

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a microcosm for the entire world right now and the effect is written all over his face. He used to be the All American quarterback, and they all say “God Bless America” but now he’s channeling Barack Obama’s minister who said GOD DAMN AMERICA!

For 1400 years, the calling card of Islam is to rape, conquer, colonize, terrorize, genocide and destroy other faiths and nations and then blame the victim. So that’s what Colin is doing right now. Following the playbook. He’s lost to us. Gone forever. Dead eyed, just like the Orlando and San Bernardino savages.

Will America fall Next?

We are on a knife’s edge between hope and  despair. Between lightness and dark. What say you, America? Will you follow the Quarterback into the Darkness?

Or will you arise January 17, 2017 into the light? The Choice is Yours!