If Hillary Won: America Now

Hillary's Liberal America
Liberal America would be everywhere if Hillary Won but luckily it’s  mostly confined to Brooklyn

This picture taken on a New York Train by a liberal to show the wonderfulness of liberalism, is getting a lot of attention.  Even though the drag queen is MANSPREADING

Liberal America
Liberal America

There is a website where liberals can go to live in the fantasyland that Hillary Beat Trump.

Luckily for us, reality is not a place where libtards spend a lot of time, as evidenced by their insane Russia fixation. They desperately believe that if they find enough Trump surrogates who had a beer with a russian taxi driver, then the results of the election will be overturned.

bitter valerie jarrett moving in with Obama?
bitter valerie jarrett moving in with Obama?

Speaking of bitter, desperate, unhinged Liberals, Valerie Jarrett is allegedly movin’ on up! to a Deluxe apartment in Obama’s house. If this is true, think of it as as their version of a Super Team to battle the Super Team of Trump and Putin.

I’ll put my money on Don and Vlad, but CNN hired Val’s daughter Laura as a member of the OPPOSITION PARTY. Lest you question Laura’s Liberal Chops, she cut her teeth


as an editor for the Journal of Law and


That’s pretty much what it comes down to. A future where bitter, unhinged liberals like Valerie Jarrett run wild and take America off a cliff, or a future where normal people who don’t hate America run things.

That’s where we are now. Normal Americans running America, despite radicals like Obama trying to gum up the works with a deep state silent coup against Trump.

The Latest Liberal to LOOSE IT COMPLETELY over Trump and WHITE GIRLS
Juan Thompson: Latest Lib OFF THE DEEP END over Trump and WHITE GIRLS

Speaking of desperate, bitter, off the deep end Liberal America? Did you hear about the Left Hinge fake news journalist/white girl revenge stalker who went loco after he got dumped and threatened practially every Jewish center in America


This is the America we averted, thanks to the only website which predicted Trump WIRE TO WIRE WITH STUNNING ACCURACY. ETARDMEDIA.COM

You’re welcome America!