The Fake Media don’t see fire breathing Conor McGregor coming on like a Vegas Hurricane. They didn’t see Trump coming either, BUT I DID.

This will not be the greatest upset in sports history. It will be just another example of the bloated, jaded, mindless retardosphere of mainstream liberal media talking heads being unable to see the obvious. Who would win this fight if it took place “Behind the Gym” after school? Who would win this fight if it erupted at a Vegas bar while watching the replay? Who would win a Street Fight? Who is the tougher man? Who is the younger, stronger man? Who is better conditioned? Who is the better athlete? Who is hungrier? Who hits harder?

Who has ONE glorious chance to set the world on fire in a way that will be talked about for centuries?

McGregor, etc.. etc.. etc…

He has ALMOST every advantage in this fight and he will SELL HIS SOUL and fight to the death to win it. Eminem said you only get one shot:

No more games, I’m a change what you call rage
Tear this motherfuckin’ roof off like two dogs caged
I was playin’ in the beginnin’, the mood all changed
I been chewed up and spit out and booed off stage

A few years ago, McGregor was on welfare and now, a chance to say he shook up the world!  A superfight vs arguably the best boxer of all time. This is THE MOMENT you only get once in your life. Conor won’t get another one like this.

But the Fake Media  and the boys over at MS-ESPN won’t tell you that because oddly, nobody seems to understand competition anymore. Game Theory. They only have stats and can’t use their minds. They all have “Money” Mayweather as the safe and inevitable choice, just like Hillary Clinton. Floyd Mayweather is clearly the most qualified boxing candidate ever to attempt to win the first MMA vs BOXING Superfight.

Which is exactly why he will lose.

Floyd Mayweather is the Hillary Clinton of this fight
Floyd Mayweather is the Hillary Clinton of this fight and McGregor is Trump

Conor McGregor is clearly the tougher, stronger and angrier man with a Swagger like Ali and a chip on his shoulder the size of Manhattan.

Never underestimate a Man who wants to MAKE THE WORLD PAY for doubting him

MIKE TYSON and Oscar De La Hoya said this fight was a farce or that McGregor had no chance! They pretty much ensured McGregor would win.

Floyd Mayweather is a brilliant, smooth, polished technician who isn’t that hungry. I don’t know the last time he got dirt under his fingernails?Conor McGregor is a ravenous bloodthirsty caged Celtic Tiger who hasn’t eaten in weeks. And he’s about to be let out of his cage

There will be blood.

One of the first clues I got about this fight is when “Money” Floyd Mayweather had to tell his loan shark (the IRS) not to worry, that he “was good for it” when they came knocking at his door for $30 mil he was short. And he did this in public.

Wait a minute Floyd? Your entire persona is a carefully cultivated an image of boxing perfection and endless Money, Wealth and Power, but you had to basically get a payday loan/waiver from the IRS just so you could make it to the opening bell. Illusion Shattered! Something tells me that your mind’s not right, Floyd. That was a big crack in your game/infrastructure that got exposed unwittingly. Who knows what else is about to get exposed on Saturday Night in Vegas?

Dr. Dre said “Never Let me me Slip cuz if I slip, then I’m slippin” Not a good look, Floyd. Your whole image is about handling your business and Money is your business. You slipped and now you’re slippin and De La Hoya talked shit, so McGregor’s gonna put the smack down, yeah…

I have to be honest. I’ve never actually seen either of these guys fight. But I’m using the same tactics to predict this fight that I used to predict the 2016 election flawlessly, wire to wire. The similarity between Trump v Clinton and McGregor v Mayweather are too many to ignore.

Blind, clueless, fawning media overwhelmingly in favor of the status quo. Cocky, arrogant newcomer with massive undeniable skill and talent vs a practiced technocrat wonk who knows how to win like a figure skater or gymnast doing the “technical routine” to score points.

This will be a  FIGHT, not a technical routine, and it may end quickly, the way Mike Tyson used to end them. When he was as hungry and as angry and as loaded with spit, vinegar and bad, bad intent, as one Conor McGregor.