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Let’s BitchSlap Disney with #DumpStarWars. The only thing these Hollywood Elites understand is dollars. (PS, instead of giving it to Disney, here’s another option!)

Gaytard Star Wars Rogue One writers/producers may have altered the movie to inject even more than usual anti conservative Hollywood Hate, this time directed toward President Trump. Not to mention his potentially billions of movie going fans around the world.

Whether or not the movie was altered to hit Trump, the fact remains that Hollywood hates Trump and more importantly, his hundred sixty million or so USA based Trump leaning consumers of entertainment.

Street Artist Sabo weighs in on the topic to the Hollywood Reporter

It does my heart well to know Hollywood went all out producing all kinds of girl-power movies in anticipation of the first woman president only to have their parade totally rained on by a white-skinned, blue-eyed, all-America-loving, pussy-grabbing blowhard of a man’s man,”



Dumbass Star Wars writers reacted a few days after Trump’s victory, showing in no uncertain terms they equated Trump and his voters to White Supremacist Nazi Stormtroopers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a few days after the election this happened:

Chris Weitz tweeted the following Friday morning: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” Gary Whitta, the original writer on the project, responded in kind, tweeting: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”
weitz deleted tweet targeting Trump Voters

Bob Iger assures us that the Trump nation hating writers he hired to ram their idiotic lib-crap down our throats created a movie that is not political “in any way”


Let’s forget Hollywood Hate, Disney stock and liberal lunacy for a moment?

Let’s even forget the fact that if it were not for white males and the culture, religion and ingenuity they used to revolutionize the world, there would be no Hollywood. No gay rights. No religious freedom. No safe space for pathetic liberal feminist America hating fucktard snowflake whiners.

It would be LGBTQ = FUCKED without white males. People “of color” would also be FUCKED without white males, because they’d be stuck in the shithole countries their cultures and their religions destroyed. Places like Syria. Somalia. Yemen. Afghanistan. Mexico. Nigeria. Libya. Turkey. China. Venezuela.

Know the one thing in common of every shithole country in the world? They are not run by white males

White males run or at least created all of the countries people want to get INTO. Non white males created and/or destroyed run all the countries people want to get the hell out of. AKA filthy dusty totalitarian bombed out backwaters where things like freedom, liberals, movies, bitching and whining about your feelings, women driving cars, trans bathrooms, not getting beheaded for watching a soccer match or, not getting crucified for quoting the bible,  you know, if you think all of those things are frivilous nice to haves, but not required, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Lena Dunham Get the Fuck Out Bitch

Virtually all the so-called “victims” of white male patriachy would be ten times worse off if not for white males creating the kinds of societies that allow their bitch asses to exist without being beheaded, thrown off buildings, crucified or buried in mass graves like cockroaches.

Without white males, there would be no black billionaires and millionaires, or even a black middle class. Without white men, there would be no liberals. Do you see any liberals in Saudi Arabia? China? Maybe in a gulag pounding rocks, or shot full or holes or hanged? That’s about it. Without the oft and much hated white male, there would be zero safe spaces in the world for pathetic usless bitch ass liberals to whine and cry, type sad emojis and wet their beds in.

No Australia. No Europe (what’s left of it, before Merkel approved Islam completely destroys it). No America. No Canada.

Without white males, without Christian white males and the incredible, amazing, tolerant, advanced societies they created where freedom, ingenuity, progress and enlightenment had free reign, HATE WOULD TRUMP ALL AND RULE THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD! Because there would be no white men like TRUMP to stand up to the Fascist Communist Socialist Leftist Mass Murdering Genocidal Bullies the LEFT always devolves down to if you leave them in power too long…

Hollywood believes we are all too fucking dumb to understand history and how the world actually works. Fagtard Star Wars writers and the rest of HollyWeird and the BrainFree ProgressiveSphere wants you to think that Trump and/or his voters are like “Hitler”
fascist leftists communist socialist mass murdering genocidal dictators

Here’s what Hollywood and the people poisoning our kids in schools (aka lib teachers) are too fucking dumb to understand. Virtually all of history’s worst, most hateful, most unsafe, most stormtrooper like genocidal mass murdering fascists were all PROGRESSIVE  FUCKING GENOCIDAL LEFTIST MASS MURDERING FASCIST ANIMALS. You got that, teachers? You got that, Hollywood? You got that, Media? All you DUMB FUCKING LIBTARDIAN WASTES OF DNA?

Do ya’ll Got that?

Hollywood wants to equate Hitler et al with YOU, Trump voters, because they hate you. They hate you with every fiber of their being. They teach your own children to hate you, demonize you. They blame all the world’s problems on you, despite the fact that you created all the magic and all the places where magic can thrive. Like Hollywood.

For all the non white male Trump lovers out there, we got your back. You love freedom. You love America. We Love you and together,  WE WILL TRUMP HOLLYWOOD’S HATE


I’m not. Spread it.