Hate on a Plane. Rabid Hysterical Progressive Brooklyn Liberal Queers attack Ivanka, Kids

Hate on a Plane Brooklyn Queers vs Ivanka Trump Family


Was the hate filled message sent loud and clear by Brooklyn lawyer Dan Goldstein and his LGBTQ queer ass husband Matthew Lasner delivered directly to the All American Ivanka Trump family.

“Why is she on our flight? She should be riding private,” yelled one of the two husbands engaged in Ivanka Trump HATE ON A PLANE

Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner and their beautiful cis normal children suffered this attack on their very right to exist on a plane in America.

First of all, this was a hate crime. If the victim was Muslim in a hijab, or Michelle Obama travelling in coach with her kids, the perps would have been arrested on the spot. Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama would have been waiting on the Tarmac to make speeches on diversity and inclusiveness, and The Media would be rabidly regurgitating end of the world style crapsense rantfests on nothing else for weeks.

Brooklyn Queer Hate for Ivanka Trump Family
Woke Brooklyn Queer Progressive Liberal Husbands & Haters of All American Cisgendered Ivanka Trump Family

But when the perps are rabid #WithHer LeftTard queers from Brooklyn, they get special treatment with proper accomodations on the next plane.

The sinister Party of Hate reveals itself more with every pregnant second.

They are so far off the deep end that they don’t even realize they’ve crash landed into oblivion. Matthew Lasners hate is nothing new. Here he is on Instagram recently expressing his bullying breathtaking intolerance of a college student wearing a vintage T Shirt. That’s enough to trigger an insane hate filled LeftTard!

Insane leftard queer Matthew Lasner triggeredby Reagan Bush Tshirt
Insane leftard progressive hate filled queer Brooklyn Academic Matthew Lasner triggered by Reagan Bush Tshirt

“Seeing this walking out of @packercollegiate this morning made seriously ill. It’s disgusting that teenagers might find this amusing. As far as I’m concerned it’s hate speech”

The American LeftTards have spent the past two years in their echo chambers dreaming of HillaryLand and the End of  Cis White Males who they believe have been oppressing them. They are so thoroughly unglued from reality that they still have not accepted, or even processed the election results. They still have not step foot outside the chamber.

The fact that unwoke white males are still here and running the country is enough to drive these spiteful fagtards insane, so  they turned their festering bloody snowflake hatred upon poor Ivanka Trump and her little Jewish Kids on a Jet Blue flight.

The Idiotic Left’s Racism and animosity toward Jews, Israel, Christianity and White Men are primary factors in their party’s apocalypse into electoral oblivion and ultimate destruction. Of course, they don’t know that because they are by definition, blind, stupid, and filled with invective for the very people who made it possible for there to be a quote/unquote “Left” in the first place. Without Jews and White Men, there would be no pathetic Left and there would be no pathetic liberals or hate filled queers. There would be no safe space on earth for them to occupy without white men laying the groundwork for them to exist in the first place.

But let’s forget about that for a moment.

The American Left is so filled with evil that they will stop at nothing to unleash it. This means they will increasingly bring the tactics of their global heroes in ISIS, Palestine and collapsing Europe to the United States. What happened to Ivanka is a massive red flag! There will be constant HateRassment, that’s a given, but there will also be suicide bombings, car bombings, crazed liberals driving trucks into crowds trying to make wine out of people by crushing them to death. The insanity of Islamo Terror in Pakistan and the Middle East and failing muslim overrun Europe will be brought to our shores. There will be uncountable assassination plots and even attempts by triggered Progressive Liberal FuckTards in the Party of Hate. Not just the Trump family, but on anyone close to them.


This is where law enforcement steps in. This is where the Police State is a good thing. Perhaps a national database of liberals would not be a bad thing?

This is a critical moment in American History. The blind, savage, blistering festering vicious hate of the American Left is going to go out of control.

This type of behavior toward the first family must be met with cold, unflinching and overwhelming power. Perpetrators must be punished severely. This was nothing short of a hate crime against Jews and against Whites. It doesn’t matter that the pathetic Brooklyn queer ass perpetrators were white and/or Jewish. This is a harbinger of insane Progressive criminality to come and an example must be made of  this husband, and his tweetbragging, uh… husband.

Nothing matters in the American Left’s campaign of Intolerance. Nothing will matter to them, but a wakeup call of cold, hard, punishing, unflinching hand of Justice. They have made this a culture war. Now we fight back with overwhelming force.

Fuck their faggy feelings. We can build enough private prisons in the midwest to put the entire population of Brooklyn and California in jail.

Let’s do it!


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