I already predicted a TRUMP LANDSLIDE months and months ago, so this is just for fun! This implosion needed/had to happen eventually, and who better to preside over The END OF THE AMERICAN LEFT than the Supreme Retard, Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

notorious RBG new zealand
The Left is Falling Down

The Notorious RBG tripled down on Donald Trump hate, but unlike 99.999% of the other Fucktards who have done so, she is a Supreme Court Justice. Now she regrets it? Too late. She’s FALLEN and she WON’T GET UP. She won’t recover from this. Her career is over, as is that of the  LEFT, WRIT LARGE.

It’s OVER. The Party of Islam. The party of Hate, Shame, Feminism, Victimhood, Racism, Man Hating, Bitching and Moaning about America, and OH YES, SLAVERY. You’re DONE. AMERICA is rising up and will not let you destroy her from within. We will NOT become FRANCE.

But they don’t realize it yet do they…. Ruth Bader Ginsburg slipped up. Thought she was at a coffee shop in Brooklyn with a gaggle of toxic communist yentas. Thought she could speak freely her pent up rage towards Trump and his voters. Is she stupid or insane?

ruth bader ginsburg career over
ruth bader ginsburg career over

Not sure, but she actually completely and totally NAILED IT with this quote:

“Donald Trump is the enemy of both the GOP establishment and the Democratic Party, but for different reasons.  It means not only that he is doing something right, but also that the left fears him – not because he will destroy the Republican Party, but because he will destroy the Democrats. “

Wow. She actually really, really nailed it!

But the Notorious Retard BG  fucked up in the process. She gave voice and laid bare the quiet fear and desperation of the American Left. She’s one of their heroes and icons and yet, she knows. She knows it’s over, and she admitted it, in the most embarrasingly public way possible. She knows Trump will win and that’s why she snapped. It’s her darkest fear and she thought she was at the shrink, and that all the HIPAA confidentiality rules were in effect, but NO. She was not at the shrink. She was babbling her hate to CNN and the NEW YORK TIMES and her career is over. And so is the Left.

Orlando, Bataclan, Nice, San Bernardino. They can’t protect us. They can’t protect our civilization. They can’t protect any Western nation. They can’t protect Christianity. So the rest of us will. Let us rejoice! Let us sing and dance on the Grave of the American Left!

But this is poppin’ off worldwide too!


They will all of them, they will all fall down!

Hillary Clinton, will never get up. As predicted long ago, Trump WINS in a LANDSLIDE and SAVES THE WORLD in the process.

So at least we got that goin’ for us! Go America! Go Team! Die liberals Die!



  • Michael

    Wow, this place is better than Breitbart!

    • ObviousTruths

      I read your essay. Very good. You are correct. They are falling. The question is will all the peoples’ horses and all the peoples’ men, put the West together again. Is it really even possible.

      • Michael

        America will heal herself. As for France…..????