Never before in the history of hegemonic bamboozling has so massive a a craptonnage of delusional  flapdoodling jiggery junkery pokery gone unabated for so long. The perpetrators of this most massive of fantastical frauds consist of a formerly secretive sinister globalist cabal:

THE LEGION OF DUMB! aka The Complex

Had they not accidentally self whistleblown their own dumbasses, from Berkeley to the Beltway to Brussels on down to Riyadh, nobody would have known these insufferable Retards were working together to control thought, power and elections in America and worldwide. Who would have thunk our Think Tanks were in the Tank for the Saudis had not even the Saudis gotten careless and stupid? For decades, the Davos crowd has delighted in shoving their GloboCorpoIslamoFuckThePeeps agenda down our thoats while pretending to be on opposites sides as the bribes, oil cash and the Cristal flowed 24/7 like rivers from the Alps while, the jobs get exported elsewhere.

Then came Trump.

Followed almost instantly by a beautiful implosion. BOOM! CRASH! The Fall of The Complex.

Pundits typing themselves to death by a thousand delusions. Talking Heads exploding on air! What a strange and entertaining defenestration it has been! The sudden desperate tailspin and free fall of an overloaded Airbus jampacked with champagne, hubris and elites. The unintended dirt dive. The rapid fiery crash of the sprawling 24/7 Politico/Media/Industrial Complex shamelessly arrayed against against a man who has proven not only immune, but empowered against their massive collusion and skullduggery.


There is no recovering from this. You can’t undo a billion words of stupid. This isn’t Europe (yet!) and The Complex does not have a right to have their endless 2016 talking head retardathon forgotten. You were expecting the monoculture media to self report its own earth shattering ineptitude? Ha! Wolf Blitzer’s beard would have grow to the floor before any media/complex insider would tattle the tale of their own historic incompetence.

So in this election and in this new moment and yes AGE of the OUTSIDER, it had to be me! I TRIED TO REASON WITH THE COMPLEX . Here I am taking a writer from “The Atlantic” (Conor Friedersdorf) to task in a rapid response email:


Michael Patton vs Atlantic Trump Critic
The Elites in their celestial echo chambers weren’t trying to hear me, rocking out to Coldplay on BeatsByDre headphones, hammering away retardgument based articles on their gay silvery white MacBooks.

RETARDGUMENT =  a willfully stupid ignoromp into Dumbstown. An utterance lacking intellectual curiosity, basis or inherent value typically made by a RETARD

Usage: “Lindsey Graham has uttered so many shit4brain retardguments against Trump that he doesn’t seem to realize he never got above 1% of the vote and that nobody fucking cares what he thinks”

So eventually, I had to act! Like Daily Kos, Breitbart and Nate Silver before me, I was either “Called” into this occupation or my hand was forced.  In my case, I was forced. By RETARDS. Like Nate Silver.

RETARDS on PARADE. An endless procession. A massive eruption of unsolicited RETARDEDNESS. The historic levels of MEGA incompetence I have been subjected to during this equally historic election season, left me no recourse but to found my own sprawling media outlet. Here’s just a small sample of copycat retardguments that rebounded endlessly across The Vast Right to Left Wing Complex Retardosphere since the summer 0f 2015:

  • Trump will implode.
  • Trump is just a reality tv star.
  • Trump has a ceiling of 20% (make that 25%, no 30, okay 40% tops…on and on)
  • We will put Trump in the Entertainment Section of the Dorkington Post
  • Trump is not a serious candidate
  • People will coalesce around Marco Rubio (Bush, Kasich <insert any other idiot with no shot here>)
  • Trump will only do well in white states because he appeals to RACISTS (aka, WHITES)
  • Trumps supporters are stupid redneck white men in pickup trucks
  • Low information. Poor, Stupid, low class, believe America has left them behind..on and on
  • <insert any vicious ignorant racist white bashing as a reason why Trump can’t win>
  • <insert any vicious ignorant racist argument why blacks, latinos, asians won’t vote for Trump>
  • There will be a “brokered convention” and Kasich will emerge… BWAHAHAAAHAHAHAAH!!!!
  • And the funniest? Democrats are “salivating” over running against Trump in the fall. Heh.

As Donald Trump and his fans crushed each one of these beautiful idiocies, The Complex concocted even less lucid, even more desperate and delusional fantasies every step of the way. The gist of the Complex is clear. Utter condescending contempt for the voters of any color. The Complex is accustomed to deciding elections and telling the people what to do and how to think while serving their globalist and Saudi Masters.

Until Trump.

Until the Complex ran into a massive brick wall, built by Trump Industries and a hundred million people who want to Make America Great Again! Or at least stop the Euroslide into Shithole Islamization vis a vis Paris, Brussels, London,  Hamberg, Madrid, San Bernardino etc..

NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Trump supporters of EVERY COLOR are RISING UP to save not only their country, but WESTERN CIVILIZATION ITSELF! Europe is already gone, the liberals got their way decades ago with “multiculturalism” aka mass import of (liberal hating—DUH!!) Muslims to destroy liberal democracies. It is the dream of Islam to destroy free, open societies, tolerant of dumb ass liberals. Safe space liberal tolerant societies which never would have been created in the first place without the much hated


who came up with all of the liberal dreams and liberal ideas of freedom, liberty from the tyranny of governments or religions. Without White men, without CHRISTIAN WHITE MEN, the entire world would be a shithole, overrun with Islam and the unfixable tyranny that comes included, free of charge.

Without white men, there would be no such thing as  liberals! And for this caucasian males are endlessly hated on by the perpetually pms-ing liberal base.

So Libercidal dumbfucks, the balls in your court. Hate all you want, but do you want to continue to live? Do you want to continue to be able bitch and whine and pms about stupid bullshit that doesn’t matter like whether a cartoon character is a good role model for women (who fucking cares?!), or how many transgender fucking bathrooms there are per college campus, or whether a white guy can wear dreadlocks?

Seriously, Dumbo-crats, this is what your party has become

liberals, this is what you have become

Or do you want to be Islamized, where the first thing that will happen is gay ass dumbfuck liberal retards (who are currently protected by evil white men and the SAFE SPACE societies/nations they created) get raped, tortured, beheaded, raped again, thrown the fuck off of buildings, crucified or burned alive in cages.

That’s what Islam has in store for gay ass whinocrat liberal feminist progressive america hating fucktards of all stripes. Pick your poison Libs, and please, MOVE TO CANADA if you say you are going to move to CANADA. The quicker we can rid our society of libercidal muslim cock sucking/importing, white male hating retards, the better!

LIBERCIDE =  the tendency of weak, pathetic retarded liberals to commit unwitting civilization suicide
Usage: “Merkel not only has a dumber hairstyle than Hillary Clinton, she was the literally the hand on the rocket propelled grenade aimed at the cranium of Europe with her libercidal Saudi funded retardguments begging to import a million muslims a year. égalité, fraternité, libercidé! Eurocidé!

It’s working perfectly. And soon, there will be no liberals left in Europe, because Islam does not tolerate idiotic liberals.  Ask the people in Bataclan. Ask Brussels. It just uses liberal retards and the pathetic retarded welfare spigotting governments in the West to DESTROY THE WEST.

Retardgument of the Century

The US and other Western nations need to “do more” to stop radicalization of Muslim youth”

NO THEY FUCKING DON’T!! Sorry, but it’s not the Western World’s job to fix the unfixable predatory insanity embedded in Islam. It is the job of Western leaders NOT to import that insanity into their populace. Sure, let’s blame the victim. Europe, which has been under the threat of attack/assault/invasion by Islamic forces since approximately the year 700. For most of Europe’s history, its leaders did everything they could to fight off the invasions. Spain was occupied for 700 years. IF France had fallen back then, Europe would have been killed in the cradle. No Renaissance, NO Enlightenment, No America, No Internet. No facebook. No selfies. It never would have happened.

The continent would have gone dark under the enslavement of Islam

Now, we have Angela Merkel, the dumbest human being in the History Of Europe flinging open the floodgates to the people who tried for centuries to rape, conquer and subjugate Europe militarily. Now, they are doing it demographically, and she’s saying, COME ON IN AND RAPE US!!!

I am not even going to talk about her idiotic motivations. Her fucking dumbness is not the problem. It’s her treason. All leaders of Europe who have promoted and enabled the invasion of Muslims into Europe, a place where Chrisitans and Jews fleed centuries ago, after their holy lands were savaged and stolen by Muslims. Angela Merkel should be hanged in public and her body should be burned, not in effigy, but for real!

Europe is dead. OVER. DONE. We will now refer to it as Europistan

So let’s focus on the USA to see if it can still be saved from the RETARDS of the COMPLEX


 Back to the American Election of 2016 and how I singlehandedly outwitted the entire Complex.

I have been living  rough in the hinterlands outside the moated, gated, edifices of The Complex free of their delusionary denial. From this vantage on the ground, here is what I have been able to see, which they could not. Two historically important things have happened so far in the 2016 American presidential election cycle:

  1.  The gloriously unwitting, selfie stick style unmasking of The Complex of conspirators who have been controlling thought, elections and power in America for decades

  2. Their massive, sudden implosion. The Epic FALL and FAIL of The Complex

But if nobody is there to report the fiery crash landing and smoldering wreckage of The Globalist, BiPartisan Complex, did it actually happen? How did I, some random guy on Facebook with a dog website, nobody knows about, who can’t get on Survivor to save his life figure out the 2016 election so quickly and so easily that I should be awarded the Nobel Prize for prognostication?

“The Complex’ ongoing narrative/analysis on the 2016 Election cycle has been the most massive, incredible, sustained diaspora of delusional dumbfuckery in all of human history and nobody has said anything about it?”

–Michael Patton (yeah, me, I just said that and it was so good, that I’m already quoting myself

From DAY one I knew Bush, Rubio and Hillary Clinton had ZERO chance and I said so. I never even mentioned John Kasich because there was never any need to do something so foolish. This was my first post and every one thereafter was about as dead on as dead on could be.

Trump is for real

Why was I the only one in America?

I never wavered. Much like Trump, I never doubted myself. Not for as a second. In my first comment, I nailed the entire 2016 election, but I wasn’t done!


Zero was always the chance that the hand picked COMPLEX establishment candidate ever had a chance and I was way, way ahead of everyone on this one.

How many millions of words have been written, blabbered (and therefore wasted) on Marco Rubio? I tagged him right from the start as a loser after he said this when someone asked him about Trump:

I’m running for president, I’m not running against anybody
–Marco Rubio

I immediately recognized the weakness and slammed him. This is where I started to dismiss Marco Rubio. Back in AUGUST of 2015, I had not only already figured out that Jeb Bush had zero chance to become president (or the nominee). I had already figured out that Rubio was done. Toast.

marco rubio says he's not running against Trump. No Kidding!
marco rubio says he’s not running against Trump. No Kidding!


And this was when Nate Silver and the entire Republican Establishment was still on Jeb Bush’s bandwagon, and had yet to jump onto Marco Rubio’s. I was light years ahead of the clueless, bungling elites.

I nailed it from the jump and from this point on, I never gave Rubio higher than ZERO percent chance. Rubio, just like the Democrats never recognized Donald Trump as the most formidable presidential candidate in decades, until it was far, far too late.


Zero is the chance that a Democrat will become president. This has been blindingly obvious for so long and it has nothing to do with the fact that one of them is a socialist and one of them may be in jail by the time the election rolls around. Nor does it have a lot to do with the fact that the Democratic party is now unmistakably and officially:


This is and always has been about hunger, competition, game theory and turnout. Oh, and the most basic part of success.


It’s kinda like the NBA Allstar game. No, it’s EXACTLY like if the Western conference (Republicans) stocked 20 players on the roster, and the Eastern Conference elected to send only three. Exactly two of whom were suited up to play. A 74 year old Jew with no jump shot and a 67 year old woman whose team had already named her the MVP before the game even started.

2016 candidates
2016 candidates

Just like they did in 2008 where she scored zero points.

Hillary, like Bush, Rubio and Bernie were always at zero.

It’s what happens when you don’t understand how competition works. “Iron sharpens Iron.” The Republicans have been engaged in ground and pound MMA style warfare for months, honing their skills in battle.

As for the Dumbocrats!?
Nobody showed up. Yet another “Coronation” instead of a competition. With all their freakin’ yapping about diversity, nobody showed up.  Where was Kanye West? Run Warren, Run (away!). Nobody had any hunger. nobody COMPETED. No latinos, no blacks, no Asians.  NO COMPETITION.

Nobody thought they could make America great, or even a little better. “We’ll just stand back and hand this one to Hillary”



OCTOBER 24, 2015

I never gave anyone a chance who did not take the global threat of Islam as a threat not only to America, but to all of Western Civilization. There were only two men who did so (with Ted Cruz only showing up late to the party).

trump carson
trump carson

NOBODY ELSE HAS A SHOT! That’s right, I said that, way back when

November 23, 2015

was an epic day. It was me (ahem! current) against Nate Silver (former) media genius/darling.

ahem again!

By November 2015, I had long since figured everything out and Nate was still desperately flailing and quadrupling down on his previously doubled down disastrous predictions where he was saying Trump had basically zero chance to become the Republican nominee:


trump betting percentages 11-23-15


Hereeee’s Nate on the same day!


nate silver stop freaking out about trump polls

In super succinctly predicting, punditizing and analyzing the 2016 election it was ME against Nate Silver and the rest of the THE (retarded) COMPLEX.

I was casual, supremely confident and spare with my words. They were strident, insistent and later herdthinkingly desperate. With Nate in the lead, they continued to assure themselves they weren’t all crazy.

They weren’t even TALKING to the voters only amongst themselves. So insulated. So shuttered in their ivory towers slurping down soy chai lattes/no whip. So incredibly isolated from The People on the ground who were drinking Big Gulps or Budweiser.

Back in August, Nate was still holed up in his Bunker, unaware of what was happening in the real world:

nate silver august prediction2

“If you want absurd specificity, I recently estimated Trump’s chance of becoming the GOP nominee at 2 percent

Around the same time Nate and his staff were averaging less than zero percent for Trump, I was ALREADY declaring Trump the clear favorite not only for the nomination, but for the Presidency itself. With a little thinking and a few keystrokes, I personally handed Nate Silver and the rest of  The Politico/Media/Industrial Complex their asses.

What was my magic formula for figuring this out? Why did I outsmart Nate Silver and 99% of the elites in America? That’s for me to know, and them to find out. Here’s a hint, just a little teaser about how I understood the Democrats so well. I was one. Or at least I leaned that way, for decades. Voted for Bill Clinton, gave money to Obama. I understand why Liberals hate America. I know why the caged liberal sings. Why they hate white people. They whine about things I used to whine about.

But I got out, just before the liberals set fire to the party and sent it rolling off a cliff. College campuses! Thought Police! Language Police! Everything is rape! Everyone is a victim! Everyone is a bully! Free everything! White males are evil! Males are evil! Boys are sexual predators/future rapists! More Transgender Bathrooms. YOU’RE A RACIST!!! Feminists gone Wild!

If the current democratic party (or the liberals who have hijacked it) could speak with one voice in glorious unison, this would be their yearning, transformative, healing and overarching message to America:


So I had that going for me. Insider information and perspective on the liberal malaise/dumbgue fever/madness spreading across America faster than the Zika virus

Does anyone seriously wonder why we have Trump?

Although desperately outmanned by thousands of pundits, outgunned by millions of words and billions in cash and influence, all I did was show up for work, log into Facebook and make a few pithy comments.  Each one more deadly accurate than the last. And I beat them.

I dismissed the mainstream darling and Time Magazine’s savior  Marco Rubio before he even became their darling (they were so, so many months behind me!)

The Complex were never even a trifling match for me. I effortlessly dismantled and destroyed them while kicking back on my bed with a keyboard and two dogs cramping my ability to type.


Before The Complex try to woo me with an all expenses paid trip to Davos replete with my own personal ski lodge. Before they try to buy me out or assimilate ETARD MEDIA into The Complex. While I am still irreverent, independent and somewhat intelligent, let me just say this:


As the Overseers and Overlords of American politics and power, they are done. Drive a stake into the heart of The Complex and shut the casket.

Because this story is much bigger than me and my presumptive storybook ascendance from complete nobody to the “IT” pundit of the Trump Era.

Cleveland is coming

Like a lot of steel, I was forged there… in the shadow of the smoke stacks. I came of age in the dust and grime of rust belt urban decay, so excuse me if I have few rough edges. With 13 people in my house, we were at least three rungs below the poverty line.  My alcoholic father got discriminated against in Cleveland city hiring because he was the wrong color and had to score higher on the tests, so so save your “privileged” crap for some guilt ridden white liberal retard who might be susceptible to it. I went to Cleveland public schools and got beaten with huge wooden paddles, customized by the teachers for maximum effect. I played on the playground where Tamir Rice got shot. I experienced desegregation (influx of 200 black kids into my school overnight) and I was cool with it, so don’t tell lecture me about diversity or anyfuckingthing else you pathetic RETARDS!

My first childhood political memory is watching, mayor Dennis Kucinich at the helm, as my city descended into bankruptcy, default and the Late Night Comic’s Punchline Hall of Fame. So don’t tell me I can’t write about political incompetence! Let’s not even get into football)

But this is NOT ABOUT ME and my Cleveland cred, or my rapid, (ahem!) journalistic ascent from the ashes in the wake of the FALL OF THE COMPLEX (somebody has to replace them!)

The real story here is the crash. Boom! and Fall of the Elites

Even now, they are not aware the party plane they’ve been riding,  laced with champagne, financed off the backs of the working class is nose down, dirtbound at mach speed. In a last gasp, desperate attempt to stop Trump, The Complex has outed itself in a deliciously unwitting unmasking. Like a pack of bloodthirsty coyotes caught on surveillance video tearing apart a neighborhood cat, the skullduggery of The Complex has been caught on tape and their rabid teeth marks are all over Donald Trump.

But Donald Trump is a lion sized cat and so far, he has borne the most sustained, coordinated, systemic, well financed character assassination attempt in human history.

And it will only get worse as the crazed bullies from all corners try to tear him apart.

The Complex is accustomed to ripping apart their victims in secret via proxy. Not having it all exposed unedited, unslanted to the unwashed voters. Then they ran into Donald J. Trump and lost their minds becoming so unraveled and unnerved that in a sign of total desperation, they marched out Mitt Romney. Nobody in the grand history of Fools, dating back centuries, has ever made themselves more of a jackass than a certain Mitt Romney, riding in at the last second on his white horse trying to save us all from Trump.

Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney!

There very epitome of these sad, isolated, out of touch, desperate, pathetic, rejected, and worst of all, no longer relevant: Retards on Parade. Word is that Barack Obama has just checked into the same summer Boot Camp for the Irrelevant  ramping up this November in South Nowhere Alabama. SIGN UP NOW!!!

The Globalists are fuming. The Corporatists are apoplectic. The Saudis don’t know who to bribe. The Davos crowd is irate. The Complex’ utter hostility and hatred of Trump is only exceeded by their extreme animus towards his voters and fans.

Stupid. RACIST. Low information. Low class. Worst of all?


Nobody knew these people were working in concert. Dumbocrats. Republifucks. Globalists. Technocrats. The Davos crowd. Pelosi. Paul Ryan. Angela Merkel. The dumbfucks in charge of France and the UK. Pick a name of someone in power, it doesn’t matter.

What really does not matter to these elites is The People who are about to change this country. And no, we are not all white. There’s plenty of black and tan among the hordes yearning to Make American Great again. As Ben Carson tells us, it’s the liberals who are obsessed with race and love to divide us:

“They’re the most racist people there are”
— Ben Carson on white liberals

They think all “diverse” people “of color”  are dumbasses who will go along and vote for the Dumbocrat.

Heh. Here is another prediction for 2016. With help from plenty of blacks, latinos and Asians this election will be the biggest landslide this Century. In Trump’s favor.

The Complex, has other goals though and they are shuttered away on some private island gated complex where they are nefariously plotting a Coup DeTrump  of the 2016 presidential election.

Until now, their machinations, collusion and even their identities have been hidden. They’ve been able to shove their pocket lining, corporatist globalist agenda down our throats through Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama regimes and who knows how far back it goes? Subverting and dismissing the will of the people with their money and power.

Until Trump.

Until somebody came along who could not be bought. Trump.

He’s probably the one charging them rent for that elite island hideabout, with hidden mics and cameras in each room to spy on their debauchery.

This time, Elites, We know you you are!

So many RETARDS have thrown themselves on the track and into the tank to stop the unstoppable.

The Jabbars and the Romneys. Smerconish. Mic, Jezebel and any other femsite. Krauthammer. Sirius 124, 126, 127.  The Atlantic. Bloomberg, WSJ, and the good ol’ NYT. Lindsey Fucking Graham! The Republican Party! The Whine-ocrats. The Saudis and Quataris.  99% of the pathetic media. Consultants, Elites, Bundlers. Every world class dumbass who threw gobs of cash money into the $100 million money/fire pit otherwise known as the Jeb Bush Bonfire of the Dynastic Vanities.




I’m seizing back this word from the Nefarious
BBOCs (Bullying Bitches of Correctness)

I have been FORCED to create this site, and resurrect this totally appropriate word because of the behavior of American Media, Celebrities and Politicians who have united in historic levels of delusion denial and dumbassedness. There is quite simply no other word I could have used to describe them.

The entire purpose of this website is to be disparaging and offensive to the insufferable elites who have been sneering down their wine glasses at us for so long.. because We, the People… are the barbarians at the gate!

We are many hued and we are filled with love, not hate. Love for America and all that she has given to us. We recognize that no matter what color or race we are, that we are luckiest people on the face of the planet, because we call her home and we CAN’T IMAGINE the world WITHOUT HER.

The only enemy that can defeat America is within America and that part of America and that Party in America that hates America is the Democratic part. The Democratic party.

This fall, they can and WILL be defeated in a rout and America will survive. Wanna bet against me?

Liberals, psst! Hey! I used to be a retard just like you. But I wised up. Vote for Trump! Seriously, he’ll do everything Bernie will do, without the crap ass Hugo Chavez style socialism. You know you want to. Save your donations to bail Hillary out of jail. Notice I haven’t said anything about her? No need to.

IGNOROMP = What The Complex has been on for the past year.



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