snoop shoots trump liberal racists
Snoop goes 187 on tha POTUS in Orange/White Face

Dear Stupid Liberals,

First of all, thank you for being so dumb. We could not have won the election without you.

As the only website on the planet who predicted the 2016 election of Donald Trump Wire to Wire with Stunning accuracy, we obviously had to be more clued in than you, on a few trends and ideas that your  bungling, clueless corrupt incompetent Establishment Media wasn’t telling you about.

Prime among the Dumbness that doomed the Dems was the idea that it was okay to let your liberal racism hair down and just put it all out there….Because Your GLORIOUS COMING DEMOGRAPHIC PERMANENT MAJORITY assured you of a third term for Barack Obama…So you and your beloved idiotic Mainstream Media told us how YOU REALLY FELT:

endless idiotic racist white male bashing ran rampant in the media during the 2016 election. The words “racist” and “bigot” racked up more action than at any time in human history. White people noticed

So in 2016 and beyond… Liberals let loose not just with the standard issue crazy unhinged social justice warrioring, patriarchy smashing feminist nutquackery/victimology… but then you guys got really cocky and took it to another level, so sure of your victory you started dancing, celebrating and lecturing like nobody was watching with a White Male BashaPalooza the likes of which the world had never seen…Everybody joined in! Celebs Comics, Billionaires, Coffee Makers, and oh yes, Hollywood. And, of course, rappers. Go ‘head Snoop!

That’s right Snoop, just BE. Let it all hang OUT THERE wide open for the world to see. Point a gun at a Trump in racist Orange/White Face. Great idea! I wonder how that would of went over with a black face Obama you frickin’ retard!

WE GOT THIS! said Dumbocrats before the 2016 election!
WE DON’T NEED WHITE PEOPLE ANYMORE! WE CAN STOP PRETENDING! WE HAVE THE “COMING DEMOGRAPHIC PERMANENT MAJORITY, the Obama coalition of browns, cucks, queers, dykes, trans, muslims, losers, idiots, leftists, Billionaires, Sportscasters, Media, Hollywood, illegal immigrants, Starbucks, Target, Kelloggs & feminist comedians …uh…..okay….sure… demographics is destiny! Okay, so let’s add all that up and herd these demographic cats into an unstoppable coalition, uh, whatuh?


You only lost what, a THOUSAND SEATS nationwide during the Obama Error?

White people had a general sense they were at least resented, if not mildly hated in America before 2016, with the endless victimhood whining and constant idiotic insufferable drumbeat of lecturing and shaming about our “privilege” and how bad we are. But just in case there was any doubt, as soon as Donald J. Trump became the Republican front runner, the pent up Libtard Social Justice Warrioring Trans/Globalist/Feminista LGBTQing BLAME WHITE PEOPLE FOR EVERYTHING “WE ARE ALL VICTIMS!” collective Sexist/Racist White Male BashaPalooza dam burst! You guys went nuts!

Ugh! With The Endless “Dear White People” articles. Libtards Still Haven’t figured out their MASSIVE Racism Problem, and quite frankly, we hope they don’t!

Freed from their shackles of having to pretend to be nice to to their so-called oppressors, Liberals just went crazy stupid OFF THA CHAIN Y’ALL and started gushing hatism, sexism and racism all over the place like King Kong having a massive orgasm. And no, that wasn’t a racial thing you RETARDS! It’s just that King Kong having a massive orgasm is the best thing I can think of right now to encapsulate the spasmodic ecstatic, uninhibited eruption of free flowing racism sexism and bigotry from Celebretards, Athletes, Writers, Globalists, Muslims, BillonaireTards & Dems toward Donald Trump and his supporters in 2016.

Never mind that many if not most of those racists are pathetic virtue signalling white people who want to assure everyone how “woke” and down they are, like Bitch ass rapper Eminem who whines on a 2017 anti Trump diss track:

“I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando / Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a bitch I’ll make his whole brand go under”


You’re anti all right, ANTI TALENT! I gotta little something forya Em! Money Mike Style

Bitch-inem, you ain’t a rapper, you just whine like a girl so step aside lil’ bitch cuz this is Money Mike & D Trump world/ We grabbin’ Haley by the pu**y Kim Jong Un by the balls / Now you all up in this sayin’ you shot call?

You ain’t even from Detroit, 8 mile out in the burbs / Step to Money  Em & Snoop and you know you both gettin’ served! / let me take you to Tha Land where I’m down like T Lue / Me and Haley gettin’ crazy backstage at the Q
West Side til I die you fuckin’ fake ass frenemy / How you come’ at D Trump when you half as good as Public Enemy?/
you ain’t nothin but a sucka punchin’ crybaby commodity   / You prima donna baby momma drama wannabe blonde livin’ the life of rap mediocrity

And as for you Snoop, that’s the POTUS motha fucka!
The fuck you smokin’ see? / Don’t know what you intended B?
Hold up!  Here come the mothafuckin’ eagle screamin infantry
50  drones above your homes, in the hills of fuckin’ Chino
In the aftermath of your disasterous rap musical video delivery
Step to the Prez like that again and, well, then it might just be
That D-O-Double G becomes an obituary in rap related History


And so it was with childlike glee dumbocrat columnists cheered and  celebrated the end of white people, so full of confidence in the indentity politics driven DUMBOGRAPHIC are DESTINTY mantra. “There aren’t many white people left, and most of them are old men and they should all be dead soon” you retards chattered that shit openly, repeatedly all the way on up to Nov. 8th and beyond…like nobody was listening.

white male bashing racism
Maybe the Media thinks Whites Can’t Read? Why Else Would they Write so many Idiotic White Bashing Articles?

It wasn’t the Russians who influenced the election. It was the incalculable, metastasizing inveterate Democratic Dumbness displayed so openly and repeatedly ad nauseum all the way up until a Tuesday night in November when it all came crashing down.


NEWSFLASH: Until Dumbocrats come to terms with the fact they now own racism and come to think of it, sexism? Until they clearly come to grips with the fact that they are the most racist people in America right now, they will never be able to solve their problems and deeper into the wilderness they will go. I don’t see a reckoning any time soon. The problem has not even been recognized yet. At least not by Dumbocrats. I hope they don’t read this article. Nobody reads my articles. YET. Because I haven’t had time for SEO, etc.. but Money Mike’s Breakthrough cannot be contained. He’s simply too good and the media is too stupid in comparison.

But in case anyone does stumble across the article…The biggest lie in America is that white people have oppressed others and held them back and that they should therefore be shamed and punished and it’s okay to be racist against them. White people have held no one back. They have created every nation on earth that people want to live in and brought everyone forward with the greatness and the goodness of their Western Civilization.

Trump Cabinet member Dr. Ben Carson was recently villified by the screeching hateful Libtard left and was hit with ugly attacks from Samuel L. Jackson and Leslie Jones.. Because he understood that getting to America was the greatest thing that ever happened to black people, even if it was in the bottom of slave ships. And today, the descendants of slaves are ten times better off than the descendants of people who never left Africa. Sorry to burst your massively overswollen tear bladders Libtards, but there are no victims in America. Only people with better opportunity and privilege than any other place on earth. Should they choose to take advantage.

White people today had nothing to do with slavery and quite frankly, we are tired of all your liberal fucking whining about it. It was the 1% of that time who reaped the rewards, not us. We owe nobody a god damn thing and if we have any privilege it’s because we keep our heads down and work hard. If anything, black people owe the roughly 600,000 poor young white men who died in the dirt during the civil war. Most of them had nothing to do with slavery. They never got to have families. They never got to live their dreams because they died horrible deaths in the mud and grime and dirt. But thanks to them and all the other Brave MEN who gave their lives for America throughout History, WE ALL CAN LIVE OUR DREAMS. This is A-Fucking-Merica motherfuckas! And if you are lucky enough to be here now,  whether No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life, white, black, brown illegal or not, whatever your situation THEN QUIT YOUR FUCKING WHINING. And if you don’t like it here, then GTFO!

And a final note to all Liberals no matter your race, sex or color. Nobody owes you a thing and nobody is oppressing you stupid fricking Retards! If you are lucky enough to be in America than quit your fucking whining! Please don’t read this Liberals! Wouldn’t want you get “woke” now would we?