• Al47

    She lost her shoe even!!! They threw her in the van like a side of beef!!!

    • She would have cracked her head again on the van step, doesn’t look good!

  • zuch

    Some village is missing its “R”. You people are sooooo pathetic, you have to get your jollies (and hopes) out of a woman’s perfectly treatable bout of pneumonia.

    • Captain Napalm

      HAHAHA… yeah right, pneumonia. so much wrong with this fake narrative – from breaking secret service protocol, to hugging a child while allegedly contagious, to pretending she was working hard – “where’s hillary?” was a meme five days prior. two days off isn’t going to reverse the degenerative vascular or neurological disorder she has. nor will it stop her from lying. about everything.

      • MZT

        A piece of metal clearly falls from inside her pant leg just as she is being pushed into the vehicle. On another website a doctor commented and stated that it was likely a catheter clip, meaning she is likely having severe urinary tract control issues, a common side effect of having had a stroke

    • Ken

      That was not pneumonia, that was a neurological event, she had a seizure

  • Jane Youngblood

    Call 202-872-1020 or email media@debates.org tell them you want Gary Johnson in the debates.

  • Ken

    Pucker up, Hilldbeast fans, she is not going to be POTUS. You put your money on a dead horse