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Hillary Clinton claims she did not know what the (C) meant on classified documents. That’s like a truck driver telling a cop he did not know what a STOP SIGN meant after blasting through @ 60 mph, ending up grill deep in the Big Gulp section of a 7 Eleven.

C’mon man!

Either this woman is the most incompetent person to EVER seek the White House, or she is the most competent LIAR in the History of the World.

Hillary BaNged her HEad and got a booboo! Doi-oiinnnng! Hillary forgot 39 times whether she got a briefing. Hillary can’t recall how many blackberries she dropped in the crapper.

Donald Trump could be caught raping a baby giraffe while reading Mein Kampf and it would do nothing to blunt his inevitable onlsaught towards the presidency.


Trump is running against a supremely hapless foe whose short list of accomplishments includes single handedly destroying the middle east, after it had already been destroyed! That takes talent!

Hillary Clinton could not be reached for comment on this article, because she could not recall whether or not she is actually running for president.

comey retard
Jackass  James Comey, Hillary’s Waterboy

FBI Director James Comey went to laughable outliers of reality to explain how Hillary Clinton and her coven of aides  did not “intend” to break the law even though they frantically bleached tens of thousands of emails behind the scenes for months. Comey, you jackass! if you had any honor, you would hand in your badge right now, and then volunteer for the firing squad! Hillary Clinton and her crew have committed enough felonies to garner 100 low level military grunts a life-timeshare @ Leavenworth Federal Pen.

This is really bad news for Social Justice Warriors and their suicide rate just went up 7,000 percent in one day. Thanks, HRC, you are letting a whole lot of America Haters down.

As for you Comey, you’re a JOKE!  A disgrace! You have no balls and zero integrity. Please hand in your badge and promptly volunteer for the FIRING SQUAD. If you’re lucky, Trump will pardon you before he gets busy cleaning the epic disaster of the Obama/Clinton Decrepitency.


  • bobm

    Of course she didn’t know that the (C) meant anything different then the Dear (C)…..(C_NT)…… letters she always gets.