BREAKING: Reverse Coup against The Deep State is going down! Donald J Trump aka 4 10 20 is strategically out of the country being protected by our great Marines, our Great Air Force and our Great, Great, Great, Great Military, while they simultaneously conduct a domestic COUP against the DEEP STATE aka CIA, FBI, NSA, the MSM and any other three letter rotten, stinking corrupted devilry sucking the marrow out of the skeleton they have made out of America.

This article was written by the only pundit to predict Trump WIRE TO WIRE with STUNNING ACCURACY, so SUCK ON THAT FACT CHECKERS! The information in this article has been gleaned from the underbelly of the interwebs, as the Deep State Complicit Mainstream Media will never cover any of this until they are dragged, kicking and screaming. You decide who you want to believe.

DEEP STATE MOTHERF#CKERS! NO MORE! THIS SHIT ENDS NOW! Wizards and Warlocks in our Military are on our side, taking YOU DOWN as we speak! Who knows how many will fall before it ends. Saudi Billionaire princes are falling! Including the one who Got Barack Obama into Harvard and who owns the TOP FOUR FLOORS OF MANDALAY BAY! If  Trump Hating, Twitter owning Alwaleed can fall, anyone can fall including Hillary, Barack and more! Who will fall in America?  Podestas? Huma? HRC? BHO? Heads of State, Hollywood Pedos, Fake Media enablers and collaborators? CIA? NSA? FBI? Mueller? Countless more?

May God protect our Great President as he launches an operation to cleanse America from deeply entrenched rotting filth of the bipartisan Deep State which has strangleholded America and kept her hostage in the Upside Down for far too long

REVOLUTION! REVOLUTION! RAGE! WRATH and COMEUPPANCE. It is GOING DOWN NOW! Go about your business Freedom and America loving Americans. You will be safe thanks to our Great Great Military. Much of this is happening behind the scenes. Beware the Fake Media, Fake False Flags,  Fake concern, Fake Shills, Fake Stories. Bad Actors have done the devil’s work against America for Decades but She is too Strong and her Mighty Military, her Mighty President and her great, great people with God running point behind it all, together, we will win this war!

We will TAKE BACK AFUCKINGMERICA!! God, we apologize for that, but we know you are on our side forever and always. In You and in Trump and in our Military WE TRUST!

DIE DEEP STATE DIE! Never again raise your filthy paws against the people of the Greatest Nation in the History of the World. YOU ARE DEFEATED DEEP STATE! This is the sound of your Death Knell. in 4 10 20 and GOD we trust! In Facebook, Google, Twitter, MSM we DO NOT TRUST!


  • Thomas Arel Jr.

    It would be nice to see all of the Fat cat,s go down in flames. clinton, obama, all of their backers , Nazi-soros, also a hell of a lot of CEO,s of large corp,s. There are a lot of them hiding in congress and the senate, in each state and federal government agencies.