sad cnn anchors etard media

Disturbing images from CNN appear to show anchors in a state of extreme duress and disillusion following yet another Epic, Humiliating Democratic Uber Loss in Georgia.

Etard Media could not immediately confirm whether CNN workers Gloria Borger, Dana Bash and the other guy were in fact, being held against their will and/or refusing food after being forced to cover yet another humiliating debacle for their beloved Democrats. Dana Bash in particular looks like she is not eating. Etard Media is deeply concerned for for our brothers and sisters over at CNN so at this time, we ask that friends, family members and the public reach out to these workers, to make sure they are not being held against their will, and are receiving adequate nutrition…. after yet another Epic, Heartbreaking, Gut Wrenching drubbing of their preferred party, the Democrats.

After all, we are Stronger Together. Oh, and one more thing. “COURAGE”


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    Terminal stupidity at work here folks. Just because the people of Georgia used free will to elect an actual, qualified person, and not some dufus the media, the Hollyweird super duper stars -at least in their own minds such as Allysia Milano, and the rest; then why should these so called ‘reporters of the facts’ be so down? Because they didn’t get their way…..maybe they will hold their breath neat time.