Bitter Unhinged Liberal Multimillionaire Greg Retardovich Blows 25 point lead against Warriors. Blames Trump

popovich aka retardovich

Trump Derangement Syndrome is racheting to CODE RED EPIDEMIC affecting all corners of society. Enraged liberal Retard Greg Popovich had a Trump related Stage 7 coaching aneurysm Sunday night while blowing a 25 point lead against the Golden State Warriors.

For some reason, POP decided to run his offense through LaMarcus Aldridge, one of the worst ball handlers in the history of ball handlers. Giving the ball to LaMarcus Aldridge and asking him to dribble or pass, was like giving it directly to the fast break of the Golden State Warriors and shooting the resultant 3 point swish for them, so that Steph Curry would not have to do it. PopoTard also decided to keep capable ball handler, scorer and passer Manu Ginobli on the bench during most of the 25 point meltdown, until it was too late.

There is only one way you lose a lead that big. You let your insane, bitter, unhinged irrational hatred of Donald Trump turn your head into an overripe rotten tomato ready to explode.

Kaboom!!  KERSPLAT!!  Goodnight Spurs.