Susan Rice Bitches Get Stitches
Susan Rice and Team LOSER LIB seethe with rage as Obama gives Trump tour of White House

If the Obama/Almost Hillary Error taught us anything it is that Liberals cannot predict elections and are by definition Cheaters, Liars Racists and Sexists who are incapable of fair fighting and fair dealing. Weak. Bitter. Pathetic. Vindictive. Filled with Hate for America and the Strong.

If a Liberal were to become an MMA Star (impossible!) their signature (and only) weapon:


Liberals see themselves as victims and know they will get trampled by the strong in open combat, so their only refuge is to engage in the dark arts of bamboozlry, trickeration, deception, skullduggery and Cheat-nastics. Bitch Moves. Obamacare was straight up the greatest fraud perpetratin’ Bitch Move in American history. A 1000 page clusterf*ck of cheating, lying, deception, trickery and theft only liberals could dream up. When Nancy Pelosi is the Dominatrix of the Ball, you know it’s gonna be freaky, nasty and way way overbudget so you better use protection…

They say Bill Clinton was the first Black President. If that’s true, then Barack Obama was the first Bitch President.

He surrounded himself with mean, nasty, petty vindictive Bs like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton,  Valerie Jarrett, John Podesta, Susan Rice, Samantha Power.

Just look at these soon to be unemployed LOSERS Bs in November 2016. The HATE IS OFF THA CHARTS MACH 10. To a man, er B, every single one of them had a knife or a pen or at least a paper clip ready to plunge into then President Elect Trump’s back, if only they could do it without being seen. Because hateful libtard losers don’t like getting caught, and when they do, they usually have about a hundred other liberal losers to provide cover with yet more lying and cheating.

Such was the case in Benghazi. American heroes abandoned by their government, slaughtered and burned like animals while SuperBitch Triumvirate Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lie through their teeth, covering for each other. Strength in numbers. But now poor nasty little loser hater B Susan Rice is all alone. No massive staff of lesser losers to cover for her lies and now she will burn for her sins and it will be Glorious!

Post Election Liberal BItchery As Trump Visits White House for First Time

Boffins were monitoring with finely tuned instruments and The world record for Collective Butthurt was recorded on the White House porch that post election November day.

In fact, if Hillary Clinton had won, she would not have been the first woman president. She would have been the Second Bitch President. But America didn’t want that. America figured that maybe since White Males had made America the greatest and most powerful nation in the History of the World which hadn’t been invaded since 1812, maybe they aren’t so bad after all? White males tend to govern on what is right for America. They don’t govern on their feelings or petty grievances and they don’t dwell on what America has done wrong, because in comparison to the GREAT we have done, everything else is small and meaningless. White male presidents typically aren’t ashamed of America and they don’t go on apology tours. White Male presidents don’t apologize for America to the rest of the world. And oh, yes, they don’t use bitch moves, typically.

Liberals are the Bitch Move grand masters. Their weakness is their strength. Therefore they feel it is okay to stab us in the back with poisoned Alinsky knives, then cheat and lie in order to shove their radical ideology down the throats of the American people. It’s so adorable when they get caught and think the American People are not onto their game.

DEAR LIBTARDS, A CLUE FOR YOU. YOU LOST, RETARDS! Bigly. Badly. And America is on to you. The jig is up.

America knows exactly who Susan Rice is and what she is all about all about. Like every raging bitter seething unhinged liberal She seethes with hatred for Donald Trump now she will crash and burn for it because she is all alone now.  She doesn’t have a hundred high level killa Bs in places of power and influence to cover for her.

That’s what happens, when you are a pathetic America Hating loser liberal and you cheated and lost and then cried and cried a like a little bitch and peed in the pool and spit in food of the next administration. You overdid it Susie, went crazy with leaking and unmasking Bitch Moves trying to sabotage the next president and then lied your ass off about it. Just like Benghazi, only this time, you’re the one who will burn for it.

Ain’t that a bitch.



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